Today i rode in the forest with my teacher. We are training the transition into cantor.

The first cantor since my accident where i broke my left elbow and right wrist.

“Fidel” the horse is riding for the time being is gentle and subtle. he is a school horse that listens more to my teacher than me.

She was riding in front of me and i had a hard time making “Fidel” follow my orders.

We went from trout to cantor for some moments. I must admit that i felt it hard to keep my balance on the sadle. I was instructed to keep the reins tight and his head up! I guess this gave me a hardtime multitasking and keep balance on the sadle. It felt like i was slipping around on the sadle.  I there for halted my gallop. I was also exhausted so i felt that i would continue training next time and trout back home.

My question after todays ride is mainly two things.

  1. How do i make Fidel follow my orders?
  2. How do i posistion myself correctly on the sadle in cantor in order not to loose balance or tip forward?


i am starting to log my rides with a go pro mounted on my helmet. It doesnt really serve the purpose because i cant se myself riding. I figured that next time it will be mounted on my teachers helmet as she would have to ride on my side or behind me. I shot 2,7K in medium resolution 25fps. Next time this should be HD 60fps så slow motion playback is possible in order to study mistakes that i make. All in all the camera serves the purpose. i will set up a youtube channel where my footage will be uploaded to.




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