I was late for class, i rode a new Horse called “Kalle”.

My teacher was accepting my apologies but i could sense her irritation.

We went to the forest again my teacher stressed me out so i didn’t get time to turn my GoPro on. This post will therefore lack the footage.

We did more cantor this time. My transition to cantor is still very weak. My teacher was in front, so my horse followed hers. I still have problems in letting the horse i ride know that i am in command. I have to understand how to obtain this. I kick and hold the reins thorough but still doesn’t seem to work.

On our way home a tree feel, no chainsaw was audible and the incident came quite sudden. “Kalle” reacted before i had determined what or that something was happening. I quickly held the reins tight, he immediately made a half circle on the spot. I let him, then i talked to him and tried to calm him down. I kicked with him with my right foot and tightened the right rein and walked him back towards the sound. His ears backwards, we continued our stroll towards home in a trot.

The weather was hot, he was sweating.

all for now







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