30_05_17 Hitbag

Dressage today on Fidel.

Readied the horse alone today it went fine.

He bites When you Mount sadle and Reins. I turn his head away each time and raise my left hand. After Reading Klaus last Night i tried to be Very concious about my body movements.

No fast movements only slow zen style movements.

I went into the riding stable with him and walk beside him.

Before class i had observed a lady struggling with an old horse lunging it. She could neither make it trot nor canter. It made want to give it a go In the Next class and learn horsemanship. When i have finished the book dancing with horses i Will give it a go a try put Klaus’s techniques.

Fidel is quite disobediant In the stable he still doesnt really obey my command. I spent the first 30 Mins to get him to trot properly. My teacher insist on me using the whip, But i dont like using violence on the horse. Nevertheless i did it and it helped he woke up and followed my command.

At the end We tried cantor this was very difficult it’s much more technical inside a stable than on the outside in the forest.

I managed to set him off but holding my self in the seat was a big challenge we were very much out of sync.

And off course I ended the class by getting of the horse and forgetting everything about detaching myself from the saddle. My airbag went off and gave a loud bang wich scared the horse really badly.

The good part was I got to see how it actually blows up and I must say everyone should ride with one. It’s a perfect protection against the most vital bones of the body.



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