A cheval tout simplement

Some weeks ago we had the wonderful pleasure to have an introduction to horsemanship with the wonderful Emilie Dalmaz. She … More

Club logo

A Quick runthrough at my clubs Visual progress of Its identity. I couldnt let go of the first logo and … More


These latest sessions Im trying to Master the basics of cantor, i still feel some latent fear from when i … More


My Last class was cancelled. My teacher was following one of her students in with a school horse to the … More


My Horse teacher got fired. I have aquired a new teacher. Exciting to see what this is going to mean … More


I was late for class, i rode a new Horse called “Kalle”. My teacher was accepting my apologies but i … More


Today i rode in the forest with my teacher. We are training the transition into cantor. The first cantor since … More